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ANON: Then go to 2:50 in the video and just watch it from there exactly and look at Jensen's face when he looks up and sees what Jared's doing. X

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LOL This happened on my dash. Padapuppy (Samny puppy?)exactly ❤️

LOL This happened on my dash. Padapuppy (Samny puppy?)exactly ❤️

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J2 AU:

Jared saw a love mojo in their script, which could made somebody be in love with you. He told Chad about it for fun, but Chad dared him to try it. Jared was just curious (or maybe carring a touch for his best friend and co-star Jensen for too long) so he tried it anyway, made a wish that Jensen could be in love with him. But Jared never really expected that mojo would work. When he came back home later that day, he saw Jensen, who was naked and sleepy and sexy as fuck, was rolling in Jared’s bed. Jared had no idea what was going on, when Jensen acted like it’s normal and usual.

" Oh Jare, finally back. Chad didn’t make u drink too much, did him?"

“What?…Um, no, no. I think he didn’t? Maybe? …I’m not so sure now actually.”

"Hum. I’ll kick his ass when I see him next time then. He promised to me that he would never mess my boyfriend up again. Bastard."

"WHAT???…Errrrrr…I mean, yes?"

"You’re weird tonight…Are you alright Jare?"

"No!…yes. no. I mean I’m alright. Just…Why are u sleeping in my bed, Jen?"

"The couch sex that you expected is already gone, Mr.Padalecki. Opps. I think you should try to come home earlier next time. Not my fault. Complain to Chad. But why don’t you come here and join me then let’s see if there any interesting thing we can do in bed?"

Umm, so this is on my dashboard and I just can’t control myself.

Jen’s gif [x]

Jared’s gif [x]

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j2 be like let’s film the ice bucket challenge image

Yeah seriously dude even Dean knew how to use an APP now how could you guys even found a phone had that lamn camara on it?!

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Soon as I saw him, I noticed. He was staring at every little Plucky like it was gonna stab him or something.

You know what’s the most adorable thing? It’s that even Dean laughed at him all the time and Sam really hated Dean for this, but when he tried to deal with his fear, he just repeated what Dean taught him to himself, like that would make him feel some comfort and brave. That’s the little brother part in Sammy, always looks up to his big brother, which will never change no matter how old he is and how much things they’ve gone through.

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The left one is Sam looking at Dean. The right one is when Sam spotted the bad guy.

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Here you go. Jensen’s photoshot from Harper’s Bazaar China APP, with no text on it. Enjoy ;)

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Sam + Winchester Logic

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